Even the Weeds

Psalm 19:1
“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork.”

You’ve heard it said, and indeed it is written, that the heavens declare God’s glory. I think many of us can get behind this statement. Even the idea of space (outer or inner) is too much for me to wrap my mind around. It is SO vast, SO beautiful, SO far beyond my comprehension. All of that suggests to me that, yes, there is a God; and that, yes, He is great and mighty and creative and mind-blowing.

But I would actually like to suggest that it isn’t just the incomprehensible heavens that declare the glory of God, but rather much more mundane aspects of His creation as well. In particular, let me submit to you that even the weeds declare the glory of God. What?! Those nasty, pesky little things that we cut and pull and poison and kill? Those? Yes. Allow me to share three examples that I believe speak to this.

Exhibit A: So, I’m walking along with my daughter, taking her to swimming lessons and watching the grass beneath our feet. And I notice, for the first time, these intricate little weeds that look like giant green snowflakes—well, giant in relation to snowflakes, at least. There were so many of them, each a bit different from the others, but each one beautiful. The next day, I found this other little brown weed poking through a crack in the sidewalk, and thought it equally pretty, and photo-worthy. Weeds…hmm.
2016-07-27 11.09.42


2016-07-28 11.12.21

Exhibit B:
“Flowers.” That’s what my kids call dandelions. The bane of summer existence to most, these flowers excite and fascinate my preschoolers. If we walk past them, we have to stop so that they can pick the pretty flowers. When they are on the playground, they collect them and give them to me as a treasured gift. We put them in makeshift vases and give them water, even though they never last more than a day alive. But they have a certain beauty about them, an endowment from God, I suppose.
2016-07-30 09.24.39

Exhibit C:
Last summer, my mom discovered the salsify. She watches for them to bloom all over the neighborhood and collects them whenever they’re in season. Then she spray paints them in vibrant colors and displays them in vases all over the house. She also gives them away as gifts. To most people, these ‘plants’ are probably a nuisance, but to my mom, they are beautiful.

So then, mundane or not, nuisance or not, I have to argue that we can find God’s glory in many commonly overlooked places. Even in the weeds.

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